Our reason for existence is to contribute to the return of peace in war zones. The non-violent approach is our choice, our method for conflict resolution. Since October 2000 we have been working in Israel-Palestine, at the hinge of civilizations, with the tools developed during our missions in Bosnia (1993-1996) and in Algeria (1997-1998) :

    - programmes of education in non-violent alternatives,

    - campaigns with Nobel laureates worldwide and Members of the European Parliament calling for cease-fire & negotiations for a just and lasting peace.


     The most dynamic part of this site is in the "Media - Must Read" section where you will find a daily selection of the most precise articles, from all sources, upon the situation in Israel - Palestine.



    This last week-end of July 2015 we received the visit of a 10,000th browser since we inaugurated this site in January 2014.

    Happy as we are that about 20 people visit us each day, we have received no comment from any of them, let alone support of any kind, despite the call we left to that effect at the end of 2014. The work presented here, including the Media - Must Read section, which requires hours of research, is all the fruit of tireless, continuous, voluntary efforts.

    Still, like any other organization, we need human support to proceed.  We need your feedback. It is vital for us to see that the existence of this site matters to you.

    We expect your reactions now. Any donation is meaningful. It does not have to be "big". Just a sign that you are there, and that you care. Thank you kindly.  peacelines@gmail.com

    Bank Account Number : FR76 1020 6512 3712 1073 3600 074, Bank Identification Code (SWIFT) : AGRIFRPP802, Address : Peace Lines, 51310, Champagnemay, Esternay, France  


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