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    WelcomeOctober 15, 2016

    We started the HOPE section of this site eleven months ago. Now HOPE is on the move, with the March of Hope

    THE UNITING ISRAEL TRAIL – 4.10.16-19.10.16




    The journey begins after Rosh Hashana and will last 15 days. The leaders of the journey are Ulfat Haidar from Haifa and Hagit Lavi from Charashim. Many others will join them on the way.  The women will walk 15 km. each day stopping along the way to meet with local communities.

    On 19/10 the marchers will reach Jerusalem for a massive rally near the Prime Minister’s residence.

    For details : marchofhope2016@gmail.com


    March 1, 2016 :

    If this is your first time on this site, you are much welcome, indeed.

    To help you find your way here are a few cues :


    Throughout the Syrian horror, we remain primarily concerned with peace in Israel and Palestine.

    Fully aware that it is burning badly all around this tiny bit of land, with chaos spreading in Syria, Irak, Libya,

    and millions of refugees streaming from Jordan and Lebanon to Turkey, Greece, Europe...

    we still hold it that Gaza and Jerusalem are the gates to the Middle-East, to the ultimate balance between East and West,

    Africa, Asia and Europe, between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, without forgetting the huge bulk of those who are not related to these religions at all.

    As Peace Lines, we have been committed to peace-making from Gaza to Jerusalem since the year 2000.

    In this "House of Peace", there are 9 sections, like 9 doors to push open.

    1st door : News as we have lived them, from 2014 to 2015.

    2nd door : HOPE, as we find it on our way : whereas the media generally feed us with all the really bad news there are, you still have people on the ground, 

    Arabs, Jews, believers, atheists, who do an amazing job daily, who manage to reach out and enforce coexistence in places nobody had heard of.

    Our job is to introduce these people to you. Let you know that "hope" is not a silly notion for wishful thinkers. It is a bridge over troubled waters,

    and it implies bridge-building, tunnel-digging, for the sake of common sense, coexistence, creative survival together.

    3rd door : Our Ongoing Work

    4th door : Our NewslettersWelcome

    5th door : All the daily articles from the Media that bring needed information and viewpoints

    6th door : Our Accomplishments from our birth in 1993 to 2014

    7th door : Any entity must define itself through a constitution of some kind, that will state exactly what it is, what it stands for (hence our Manifesto & Statutes)

    8th door : A small sample of our Library : without Books, what would we have learned from the past ?

    9th door : Links to other organizations that follow parallel roads, or whose paths at times cross ours...


    Make yourself at home in this virtual House. Feel free to comment. To bring your own info, suggestions. To get into a dialogue with us (peacelines@gmail.com).





    Our reason for existence is to contribute to the return of peace in war zones. The non-violent approach is our choice, our method for conflict resolution. Since October 2000 we have been working in Israel-Palestine, at the hinge of civilizations, with the tools developed during our missions in Bosnia (1993-1996) and in Algeria (1997-1998) :

    - programmes of education in non-violent alternatives,

    - campaigns with Nobel laureates worldwide and Members of the European Parliament calling for cease-fire & negotiations for a just and lasting peace.


     The most dynamic part of this site is in the "Media - Must Read" section where you will find a daily selection of the most precise articles, from all sources, upon the situation in Israel - Palestine. The most meaningful part to us is the "HOPE Other Voices Rising" section though, that we started on November 1, 2015.



    Close to 22,000 visitors have been recorded since we inaugurated this site two years ago in January 2014.

    On January 21, 2016 we recorded the highest number of visitors : 69, who read 320 pages that day.

    Last summer about 20 people visited us each day. In January 2016, this average daily number has been rising, closer to 30. A likely reflection of our work on the HOPE section, that was started 3 months ago, on November 1, 2015. This is where we are going : gathering all the news and echoes from people, most of them unknown hitherto, who silently and relentlessly work for coexistence and common sense, be they Israelis, Palestinians, Europeans, or others. LET IT SPREAD !

    As a result of this new investigative spirit, a first donation has been received. Welcome, friends, sympathizers, from all across this world ! Like any other unsubsidized organization, we need human support to proceed.  We need your feedback and transmission. It is vital for us to see that the existence of this site matters to you.

     Any donation is meaningful. It does not have to be "big". Just a sign that you are there, and that you care. With gratitude for your renewed interest.  peacelines@gmail.com

    Bank Account Number : FR76 1020 6512 3712 1073 3600 074, Bank Identification Code (SWIFT) : AGRIFRPP802, Address : Peace Lines, 51310, Champagnemay, Esternay, France  


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