•  ERETZ / PALESTINE HOPE : other voices rising

      April 3, 2017 : SOMETHING'S HAPPENING. Every morning we scan the contents of 10 news sites related to conflicts in the Middle East. Without any bias or a priori. It goes from Ma'an News to Israel National News, and from Al Jazeera to the Jerusalem Post. It takes between an hour and two.

    In 2016 we could collect 133 articles raising constructive prospects in terms of peaceful coexistence and uplifting achievements. An average of 11 a month. One every three days. Not bad for a land supposedly doomed to endless chaos, when you think about it. Maybe we were not thorough enough, maybe we missed some things. January and February 2017 were along the same lines : 11 a month.

    Then, suddenly, in March we witnessed an amazing surge : up to 53 ! Check for yourselves. Some of these news are just amazing, if not positively ground-breaking...


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    First March of Hope : 2016, October  




    Hope is no fantasy, it has a sound and a voice :





    Hope is real, it has many faces, they are all walking :































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