• GAZA - The Long March


    1- The three doors

    In the Gaza Strip (roughly a 40-km by 10 rectangle) there are two doors: one to the North-East, Erez Crossing, the other to the South-West, Rafah Crossing.

    One to Israel, the other to Egypt. Plus the Kerem Shalom Crossing, for trucks only, 2 km South of Rafah.

    Today, as of early April 2018, the three doors are practically closed.

    Few people cross daily to Israel and back through Erez, due to security considerations between Israel and Gaza. None cross through Rafah to Egypt and back, except three, four times a year, for a couple of days, without any prior warning. The last time the Rafah Crossing was opened, hundreds of Palestinians, women, children, old people most of them, remained stranded on the Egyptian side for days on end, unable to come home. "We are being treated like animals" they complained.

    In the last months, the number of trucks coming into Gazea from Israel has tragically fallen from 800/1,000 a day to 300/350. Not due to restrictive measures taken by Israel, but to the collapse of Gazans' purchasing power. People in Gaza just do not have the means anymore to buy what they need for basic daily life.