• Another European Minister of Foreign Affairs in Gaza


    Since the summer of 2014, 8 European Heads of Foreign Affairs have been to Gaza.

    The 1st one was Borge Brende, from Norway, on September 8, 2014. Then came George Vella, from Malta, on October 29. Followed by Martin Lindegaard, from Denmark, on November 4, 2014.  A few days later, the Head of External Affairs for Europe, Federica Mogherini, made it to Gaza in her turn.

    In 2015, the first one to enter the Gaza Strip was José Garcia-Margallo from Spain, on January 13, 2015. On February 16, 2015, Charles Flanagan, from Ireland, was the 6th European Minister of Foreign Affairs to see for himself. Then came Frank-Walter Steinmeier, from Germany, on June 1st, and Bert Koenders, from the Netherlands, on July 15.

    To each of them go our appreciation and gratitude. They represent the Europe that we believe in, standing for awareness and responsibility.


     "We cannot wait until talks about a two-state solution are back on track, to improve living conditions.


       We are sitting on a powder keg here. We must make sure it doesn't ignite."


      German Foreign Minister  Frank-Walter Steinmeier upon his visit to Gaza, on June 1, 2015


    GermanyForeignOffice   @GermanyDiplo


     FM Steinmeier in Gaza: I take the hope from my Talks in Jerusalem + Ramallah, that the danger of a burning powder keg is being seen.


     FM Steinmeier : Need opening of  Gaza borders + economic development. Gaza must not become launch pad for rocket attacks on Israel again.


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    Vendredi 11 Mars 2016 à 09:32

    many thanks for offer this info, it's a very useful article

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