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    February 19, 2019 : For about a fortnight the daily Observer of events in the Middle East was away, involved in Sahel in the digging of wells, without any connection to the internet. It seems nothing enormous happened during that time. Bliss according to Henry Miller : a world witout any news or screens?

    87 Visitors today, January 19, 2019, at 9 p.m. Greenwich time.

    More and more visitors for a week now : an average of a hundred.

    You're welcome ! As you can see, we're at work, in this Online Library of News about the Near-East.

    What we recommend : our HOPE section, and the seven stories we've harvested so far to start 2019, bringing other voices, a different light to the fore :

    The first one, a brave, renowned rabbi from Jerusalem, Arik Ascherman, always busy harvesting olives with the Palestinians, or defending the Bedouins.

    Then, someone you would naver have heard of : a Muslim corporal in the Israeli Defence Forces, Bilal Taha. Making his claim crystal-clear :

    "There is no difference. Only the location, language and the residents' religion. Judaism and Islam are very similar. We are all just human beings.

     I live here, this is my country, I pay taxes, respect the flag and serve in the IDF."


    After him, another extraordinary being, Tania Joya, who made it all the way from her difficult childhood in England to the battlefields of the Islamic Caliphate in Syria, and back to America. Tania's conviction : "If I can be reformed through knowledge and facts, there are others who can. I want to explain how I de-radicalized - through education and reading American literature."


    Next, the Foreign Minister from Oman, Yusuf bin Alawi, another free mind, brave enough to state :

    "If they [Israelis & Palestinians] are really interested in making peace, they should look to the future and not talk about the past."


    In the same spirit, comes the great Rami Levy, who expands his concept of Israeli-Palestinian malls to one more, in East Jerusalem.

    His motto : "Let's not ask who's who, but shop together, respect each other"


    Also, a famous singer, originally from Yemen, Ahinoam Nini (known as Noa, her artist's name) who finally made it to Hevron : the Jewish part of Hebron, and why. It's all about crossing lines, isn't it ?

    Last, and not least, a candidate for the next elections in Israel, General Benny Gantz, who made his point when he declared :

    "I'm not interested in whether there is or isn't a partner, we want to strive (for peace) not because of our neighbours but for ourselves."


    90 Visitors by the time these lines have been added. To them the odysseys of these Seven Hope-Carriers are dedicated.

    May Rav Arik, Corporal Bilal, Tania, Minister Yusuf, Rami, Noa, and General Benny all be blessed on their steep and rugged ascent.

    May you take comfort in the fact that these trailblazers are at work and on their way, all the time, as we are - and spread the news !






    As of January 5, 2020 more than 73,000 visitors have been recorded, for over 204,700 pages, since we inaugurated this site four years ago in January 2014. On August 28 & 29, 2014, because of the war in Gaza, we had 115 visitors, for 240 pages the first day, 227 the second. We certainly don't wish for such records anymore.

    Now, on November 19, 2018, for no particular reason (?), we did record the highest number of visitors : 255, who read 356 pages that day (628 pages on      November 21) -  followed by 338 visitors on November 30, 2019, for 417 pages . In 2017 other heights had been reached : 44 visitors only for 417 pages on May 8, and 42 for 457 pages on September 11.

    Then, in February 2018, on the 6th, 53 visitors were registered for 544 pages, and 48 on the 19th for 491 pages. On March 31, 2018, at the very start of the Gaza protests, a peak of 800 pages was reached.


    In the summer of 2015 about 20 people visited us each day. In January 2016, this average daily number rose, closer to 30. In the month of February 2018, 45 visitors were recorded for 170 pages daily. A likely reflection of our work on the HOPE section, that was started on November 1, 2015. This is where we are going : gathering all the news and echoes from people, most of them unknown hitherto, who silently and relentlessly work for coexistence and common sense, be they Israelis, Palestinians, Europeans, or others. LET IT SPREAD !

    As a result of this new investigative spirit, a first donation has been received. Welcome, friends, sympathizers, from all across this world ! Like any other unsubsidized organization, we need human support to proceed.  We need your feedback and transmission. It is vital for us to see that the existence of this site matters to you.

    Any donation is meaningful. It does not have to be "big". Just a sign that you are there, and that you care. With gratitude for your renewed interest.  peacelines@gmail.com

    Bank Account Number : FR76 1020 6512 3712 1073 3600 074, Bank Identification Code (SWIFT) : AGRIFRPP802, Address : Peace Lines, 51310, Champagnemay, Esternay, France  


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