• WelcomeMarch 1, 2016 :

    If this is your first time on this site, you are much welcome, indeed.

    To help you find your way here are a few cues :


    Throughout the Syrian horror, we remain primarily concerned with peace in Israel and Palestine.

    Fully aware that it is burning badly all around this tiny bit of land, with chaos spreading in Syria, Irak, Libya,

    and millions of refugees streaming from Jordan and Lebanon to Turkey, Greece, Europe...

    we still hold it that Gaza and Jerusalem are the gates to the Middle-East, to the ultimate balance between East and West,

    Africa, Asia and Europe, between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, without forgetting the huge bulk of those who are not related to these religions at all.

    As Peace Lines, we have been committed to peace-making from Gaza to Jerusalem since the year 2000.

    In this "House of Peace", there are 9 sections, like 9 doors to push open.

    1st door : News as we have lived them, from 2014 to 2015.

    2nd door : HOPE, as we find it on our way : whereas the media generally feed us with all the really bad news there are, you still have people on the ground, 

    Arabs, Jews, believers, atheists, who do an amazing job daily, who manage to reach out and enforce coexistence in places nobody had heard of.

    Our job is to introduce these people to you. Let you know that "hope" is not a silly notion for wishful thinkers. It is a bridge over troubled waters,

    and it implies bridge-building, tunnel-digging, for the sake of common sense, coexistence, creative survival together.

    3rd door : Our Ongoing Work

    4th door : Our NewslettersWelcome

    5th door : All the daily articles from the Media that bring needed information and viewpoints

    6th door : Our Accomplishments from our birth in 1993 to 2014

    7th door : Any entity must define itself through a constitution of some kind, that will state exactly what it is, what it stands for (hence our Manifesto & Statutes)

    8th door : A small sample of our Library : without Books, what would we have learned from the past ?

    9th door : Links to other organizations that follow parallel roads, or whose paths at times cross ours...


    Make yourself at home in this virtual House. Feel free to comment. To bring your own info, suggestions. To get into a dialogue with us (peacelines@gmail.com).



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