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    Ben Caspit, Al Monitor, November 13, 2019

    Islamic Jihad leader's elimination serves both Netanyahu, Hamas


    Khaled Abu Toameh, The Jerusalem Post, November 10, 2019

     Gaza orphan's self-immolation sparks outcry on social media


    Yair Lapid, The Times of Israel, November 10, 2019

    Same old anti-Semitism, different Jews


    Associated Press, YNet News, May 1, 2019

    Anti-Semitic attacks spike worldwide, killing most Jews in decades


    Hadar Gil-Ad, YNet News, April 5, 2019

     'The feeling that they are just waiting for me to be gone is pushing me into my grave'


    Elior Levy, YNet News, March 10, 2019

    'Where's the Qatari money?' Hamas facing growing criticism in Gaza


    Leah Solomon, The Times of Israel, April 1, 2018

     If you were Gazan, what would you do?


    Saar Haas, YNet News, March 17, 2018

    Israel is 7th largest arms exporter in the world


    Lior Akerman, The Jerusalem Post, March 15, 2018

    Palestinian Authority education and the future of peace


    Al Jazeera, March 2018

    Heart of Darkness: Return to the My Lai massacre A Vietnam War vet returns for the first time to meet survivors of the My Lai massacre and set the record straight.


    Shaul Arieli & Nimrod Novik, The Times of Israel, March 6, 2018

    In West Bank reality, annexation is a pipedream


    Elior Levy, YNet News,  February 15, 2018 

    In prison I understood Israelis want peace, says released Palestinian murderer [ex security prisoners talk about their life in Israeli prisons]


    Head to Head, Al Jazeera, February 2018

    Dani Dayan interview by Mehdi Hasan and public debate   [47' video - about settlements, lack of solutions and eventual prospects]


    Martin Sherman, The Times of Israel, February 12, 2018

    A Palestinian state? What could possibly go wrong?: Picturing the possibilities


    Samer Anabtawi & Nathan J. Brown, The Washington Post, January 18, 2018  [the culmination of more than a decade of political deadlock and division]

    Why Mahmoud Abbas dissolved the Palestinian parliament — and what it means for the future


    Alan M. Dershowitz, The Hill, January 12, 2018

    Why is Qatar being blockaded and isolated?


    Shlomi Eldar, Al Monitor, January 11, 2018 [A terrorist after a terror act in Israel, with a long prison sentence, his family receives 10,000 sh (2,500€) a month / average salary : 2,000 sh ]

     Will Israel cut Palestinian budget for terror payouts?  [Arab prisoners who live in Israel and carry out attacks on Israeli targets receive a supplement of 500 shekels (125€) a month]


    Lahav Harkov, The Jerusalem Post, January 2, 2018

    Right-wing coalition passes law allowing Jerusalem toi be divided


    Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man, +972, October 13, 2017

    EU border monitors have been waiting to go back to Gaza for 10 years


    Danielle Ziri, The Jerusalem Post, September 28, 2017

    New UNRWA textbooks for Palestinians demonize Israel and Jews



  •  Priority articles 2017


    Reuters, YNet News, January 13, 2017

    Mass protest in Gaza amid electricity crisis    "There is no work, no crossings, no food, no water to drink and also there is no electricity," 


     Ayelett Shani, Haaretz, January 7, 2017

    Israeli witness in Gaza: No water, no electricity and children dying unnecessarily


    Jack Khoury, Haaretz, January 7, 2017

    With Only Three Hours of Electricity a Day, Gaza Is 'On Verge of Explosion'


    Amira Hass, Haaretz, December 16, 2016

    Gaza Water Crisis Has Caused Irreversible Damage, World Bank Warns



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  •  Priority articles 2016


    Ma'an News, April 30, 2016

    Palestinian teachers' strike marks major rift between public and PA


    William Booth & Ellen Nakashima, The Washington Post, June 20, 2016

    Israel wants someone to build a $5 billion island off Gaza — for a seaport, hotels, airport


    Daoud Kuttab, Al Monitor, October 30, 2016

    Why 30 Palestinians celebrated Jewish holiday with settlers


    Adam Rasgon, The Jerusalem Post, October 30, 2016

    Tensions rising between Palestinian Authority and refugee camp residents


    Avi Issacharoff, The Times of Israel, April 11, 2016

    From Israeli jail, ‘nonviolent’ bid to ‘free Palestine’ takes shape


    Amira Hass, Haaretz, July 16, 2016

    The Number of Palestinians Detained in Israel Without Trial Sees Sharp Rise


    Uri Avnery, Gush Shalom, October 8, 2016

    The Triumph of Sisyphus


    Shlomi Eldar, Al Monitor, February 25,  2016

    What Israel must understand about Gaza


    Report, Parliament, United Kingdom, September 9, 2016 

    Libya: Examination of intervention and collapse and the UK's future policy options


    Prime Minister Netanyahu & Defense Minister's Liberman's joint statement, Facebook, May 30, 2016

    PM's statement committed to making peace with the Palestinians


    Haaretz, September 22, 2016

    Abbas' Full Speech at the UN General Assembly


    Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic, April 2016

    The Obama Doctrine   (President's interview)



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  • Priority articles 2012-2015 


    The Economist, August 17, 2013

    Palestinian prisoners : Why they count


    Ari Shavit, Haaretz, February 11, 2016

    Israel Must Rebuild Gaza, Big-time


    Alex Fishman, YNet News, February 8, 2016

    Gaza - a human time bomb


    Ma'an News, January 26, 2016

    Gaza speaks: This is what the decade-long siege has done to us


    Shlomi Eldar, Al Monitor, January 21, 2016

    Why hasn't Israel lifted the Gaza blockade?


    Haaretz, January 19, 2016

     President Rivlin: Israeli Arabs Growing More Extreme, ISIS Is Already Here


    Ma'an News, December 16, 2015

    How Israeli settlements stifle Palestine’s economy


    Exclusive: Leaked report says city more divided than at any time since 1967, The Guardian, March 20, 2015 

    Jerusalem at boiling point of polarisation and violence – EU report


    Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Haaretz, October 30, 2015

    Rabbi Arik Ascherman: What I Wish for the Settler Who Attacked Me With a Knife


    Chaim Levinson, Haaretz, October 23, 2015

    Palestinian Attacks Fueled by Settler Violence, Senior Israeli Commander Says


    Tamar Pileggi, The Times of Israel, October 3, 2015

    Arab-Israeli activist stirs controversy by condemning Henkin murders


    Ma'an News, September 30, 2015

    Signs of increasing suicides in devastated Gaza


    Marga Ortigas, Al Jazeera, September 21, 2015      (2'30" video)

    Strangled: Gaza after Egypt floods tunnels


    Bradley Burston, Haaretz, September 1, 2015

    You Love Israel. You Hate the Occupation. A New Year's Dawning. What's Your Move?


    Al Jazeera, Video Essay with maps and stats - from pre-1948 to 2015, 2015

    Gaza : A life under occupation


    Megan O'Toole, Al Jazeera, August 25, 2015

    Petition pushes for end to Israel's Gaza blockade


    Ilene Prusher, Haaretz, July 29, 2015

    Gaza disengagement showed the dumb arrogance of unilateralism

    [extract : In 2005, Gaza's per-capita GDP was $1,375. Last year, it was $970. In 2005, unemployment was 30 percent; in the first quarter of this year, it was 42 percent. In 2005, the average number of trucks entering Gaza every month was 10,400; between January and June 2015, it was 6,252. In 2005, the monthly average of exiting trucks – bringing Gazan produce to Israel, the West Bank or further afield – was 830. In the first half of 2015, it was 88.]


    Hanine Hassan, Al Jazeera, May 15, 2014  (thorough study and prospects of a Cyprus-Gaza maritime line)

    Open Gaza's seaport, end the blockade


    Oded Shalom & Elior Levy, YNet News, August 8, 2015    (Before the Duma arson, Khirbet Abu Falah in 2014, Sinjil, and more)

    West Bank inches closer to boiling point


    Rabbi Eric Yoffie, Haaretz, August 3, 2015

    Time to Quash Those Who Preach a Torah of Terror


     Ma'an News, July 15, 2015

    Teaching tolerance: Five Israeli schools unite Jews and Palestinians


    Lyse Doucet, BBC, July 7, 2015

    The children scarred by war


    Adele Raemer, The Times of Israel, July 7, 2015

    Protective Edge one year on: The view from inside (in Kibbutz Nirim)


    Khaled Diab, Haaretz, July 6, 2015 (videos of  airstrike in the streets of Gaza in July 2014 and of war damage)

    Life in the ruins of post-war Gaza


    AFP, Al Monitor, July 5, 2015

    Shelters, sirens part of life for Israelis near Gaza


    Oded Shalom, YNet News, July 4, 2015

    ‘What we’re going through is war’


    Judy Maltz, Haaretz, July 3, 2015     (videos of life under the rockets from Gaza)

    Have Israelis really forgotten so quickly?


    Chemi Shalev, Haaretz, July 2015

    Still eyeless in Gaza


    Zvi Bar'el, Haaretz, July 2015

    The broken promise to rebuild Gaza


    Roi Yanovsky, YNet News, June 29, 2015    (life in France for Jews after January 2015)

    Jews in Paris: If you're pro-Israel in France, you're finished!


    Jack Khoury, Haaretz, June 7, 2015

    Faces from Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip


    The Jerusalem Post, June 1, 2015

    German FM in Gaza : "sitting on a powder keg & taking care that it does not ignite"


    Haaretz Editorial, May 28, 2015

    Let the people 
of Gaza go : "We feel like cattle in a pen. But even cattle are allowed sometimes to go out into an open space."


    Peter Beaumont, The Guardian, May 22, 2015

    Gaza economy 'on verge of collapse', with world's highest unemployment


    Rogel Alpher, Haaretz, May 17, 2015

    Only the people of Europe can save Israel


    Karama Gaza Human Rights, Video footage of Al Shajaya, May 13, 2015 (2'15")

    Karama Gaza Human Rights Film Festival "Red Carpet"


    Alex Fishman, YNet News, April 27, 2015

    Israel's secret cooperation with Hamas


    Kieran Guilbert, Haaretz, February 26, 2015

    Oxfam: Rebuilding Gaza could take more than 100 years if Israel maintains blockade


    Zvi Bar'el, Haaretz, February 4, 2015

    Gaza has no savior


    Alex Shams, Ma'an News, February 1, 2015 (including Yuval Orr's short film in Hebron)

    Israeli filmmaker explores life through the eyes of Palestinian teen


    Nir Baram, Haaretz, June 2015

    Walking the Green Line : 48 years of occupation


    Rasha Abou Jalal, Al Monitor, January 28, 2015

    Living among the dead in Gaza


    AFP, Reuters, YNet News, January 27, 2015

    UNRWA forced to suspend Gaza reconstruction due to lack of funds


    Megan O'Toole, Al Jazeera, January 8, 2015

    The orphans of Gaza


    Haaretz Editorial, December 26, 2014

    End the blockade of the Gaza Strip


    Judy Maltz, Haaretz, November 26, 2014

    Women's group riding peace train to Gaza border


    Shlomi Eldar, Al Monitor, July 31, 2014

    Why Israel's blockade of Gaza was a mistake


    Amira Hass, Haaretz, December 22, 2014

    Why Gazans risk sneaking into Israel


    BBC News, November 28, 2014 (with must see short video)

    Gaza floods: UN declares state of emergency


    The Telegraph, August 26, 2014 - the names of the 504 Palestinian children killed during the 50 days

    The children killed in Gaza during 50 days of conflict


    Uri Misgav, Haaretz, December 10, 2014 - the names of the 73 Israelis killed during the 50 days

    Killed in a pointless war in Gaza, 73 Israelis won't get the chance to vote


    Rabbi Arik Ascherman, The Times of Israel, August 25, 2014

    Screaming Souls and an Elul Prayer


    Breaking the Silence, Soldiers ׳ testimonies and photographs from Operation "Protective Edge˝ (2014)

    This is how we fought in Gaza


    Euro News, November 23, 2012

    Living under the volcano of Gaza



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